Oh shit, I'm a blogger

So I guess I better get started.

I never thought I'd end up setting up a blog. When I first heard the idea behind blogging, I sort of thoght it was a foolish, self indulgent waste of time. But then I got to thinking, "Ya know, if I set up one of them there blogs on the intraweb, it'll force me to sit down and do some writing on a regular basis." And then other things started happening. I started reading other peoples blogs, posting responses on other message boards, etc.... And then I got curious. Are there people that think along the same way I do, or am I just bat-shit insane? I guess that having other people agreeing with me may acctually prove both points, but so be it.

Just so you know who I am, this post is just the obligatory "Getting to know you" post. So just who is this Wally Fenderson asshole? And why should I pay any attention to anything that he says? Well, you shouldn't. Half the time, in conversation, I'm talking out of my ass. I have no reason to expect I'd do anything different on the web.

So, again, Who am I, anyway?

I guess one of the first points that I'd have to make, since I'll probably get all political every once in a while, is that I tend to lean to the left, politically (oddly, though, I dres to the right. But that's for another time). I'm not as liberal as alot of people think with a first meeting. I don't like the idea of any sort of "legislated niceness". If people don't like you for what ever reason they have, fuck em, you don't want to be around them anyway. However, I do realize the need for said laws and rules, because, unfortunetly, the problems of discrimination is way too out of control.

On the same token, alot of people need to lighten up, and see when a joke is a joke. And the person making the joke needs to see the line where the joke ends, and being mean for meaness sake begins. Its a fine line, but often, if you take a beat before blurting something stupid out, you'll see the line. It may throw off your "comedic timing", but its better than being an asshole.

I'm an atheist. I just can't wrap my head around the idea of some all knowing being that waived his hand and created everything. I understand that early in our history, God was the best answer we had for most anything. However, at this point, the existance of God would raise a hell of alot more questions than if God dosn't exist. Feel free to try to convince me otherwise. Just remember that the burden of proof always falls on the afermitive argument.

On a personal note, I'm in my late twenties, married, and living in the north east. And somehow ended up in sales. Quite a change of my dream job in highschool, writing for Spin magazine.

I'm gonna try to update this page a couple times a week. Hopefully, my next post will be on the fun I'm having watching the Republicans fall apart.

Gotta love it.



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you're bat-shit insane

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