Thursday Night Post

I felt that Mitch needed his own post. He was a funny, funny man. He will be missed.

In other up lifting news, Terri Schiavo has died. My sympathies go out to the family, no matter which side of this debacle they're on. Hopefully, this circus can come to a close, and the juggler can go home.
But we all know that its not gonna end here. There are rumors that the Schindlers have filed a motion that Terri's not dead, she's just pining for the fjords.
I hope that after the autopsy shows that yes, Terri's brain was pretty much mush, and, no, there are no signs of physical abuse from Michael Schiavo, that the family will offer an apology. But I doubt it will happen.
The Republicans will have some cleaning up to do if they want to prevent a schism in the party. I have the strange feeling that the Social Conservitives will pretend that there is no dissent with in the ranks, and move even farther right. The more moderates, on the other hand, may realize that the Grand Old Party has been hijacked, and respond, perhaps (and hopefully) viciously.
Now, not to be overly optimistic: This is how third parties get a foothold. To every one who says that third parties will never stand a chance, remember that as late as the turn of the century, the Demacratic Party was the third party.

Well. That just about wraps that up then. I'll try to make my next full post, on Sunday, a little less political, and a little more coherent.

But no promises.



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