Getting Back Into Rhythm

Not into what most people would concider a normal routine, but definately feel better about a lot of things. But I do have work to do on myself. My big thing is that I haven't been writing anything. For years. Nothing. That's bad.
So, here is my resolution. By the end of the summer, I am going to write enough stuff to start putting it to music. I want to have an albus worth of material by the end of fall. Then work on the whole, "oh yeah, I don't know how to write music, play music, or anything along those lines" aspect of my plans.

But I'll have the words.
And that's the important part.


Random Connections

I had a lot of dreams last night that had to do with bacon and sex. My mind is just doing random shit to me. I've started having nightmares, as well. I don't have nightmares all that often, but the past two weeks they've been more frequent. I haven't woken up screaming yet, but pretty damn close.

In other news, it seems that there's a new Pope. And its not any one who read D8's post.


Lot O' Space

So, now that I've moved in to my new place, and don't have all my stuff, my apartment is REALLY empty. I've now got a huge two bedroom place all to myself, but i have nothing to put in it. So I'm only using one room out of five. I figure I'll fill up the place as time goes on, but for now its empty. The cat loves it...he can tear around the place at will.
I do get to hold off and be pretty damn selective about who I let move in with me, though. Its a great feeling not to have to rush to find a roommate, and when you finally do, they turn out to be a psycho-bastard. I've already done that.

But I feel good. I'm calm. I think this should be fun. Just as soon as I get enough nerve to relax.



All My Friends Who Rock, Rock

So, as most of you who know me personally know, the past two weeks have been kinda interesting to say the least. You see, my wife and have decided to part ways. Its something thats been kind of creeping up for a while, but it just came to a head last weekend.
So, I'm gonna use this entry to thank everyone that I can think of that has helped my get through to this point with all my body parts intact.
De8 & Inge, and Brant, thanks for use of the couch and your home, and for letting me be your new wacky nieghbor, Conrad & Suzy, for helping me get some of my shit up here, my Mom & Tom, Matt Todd, Psichron for almost becoming Psi-Corn just now, Aaron and Robyn, Bill, Jill & Bugle, Tallon, C.S., Merrie, AZ & Lisa,and my coworkers, Rob, Ray, Kathy , Jeff And Paul, thanks for granting me some leeway these past weeks.
De8 said to me the other night that I've been a rock dealing with this. In all honesty, I haven't. It's been everyone on this list (and many more that I forgot that I'll be adding on as I remember them) that's been the rocks. And all of you do rock.

On the same topic, but different: In a way, honestly, I'm kind of breathing a sigh of relief. I'm realizing that the whole world is still in front of me. But, unfortunatly, I'm realizing at the same time that I'm agorophobic. It'll take some time, but I'll get over that.

Well, on to the next adventure...


What The Fuck Is Going On In Florida??

So, how would you feel if you wrote a letter to the editor critizising a local official, only to have a response show up, in your mail, accusing you of slander? It happened, of course, in Florida. A local sherrif in Orange County responded, rather nastily, to Alice Gawronski's letter printed in the Orlando Sentinal. Gawronski was critical of the excessive use of tazers by the police. Ya see, an Orlando police office Tazered a suspect, who was handcuffed to a hospital bed to obtain a urine sample. Now, I know some people pay good money for that, but when the cops electricute a restrained person to get them to piss their pants, I think there's cause for concern. And the police responded. And rather amazingly, I might add. Sheriff Kevin Beary allowed himself to be shot with a Tazer during a press conference (and, yes, there's video of that in the link).
This is where Gawronski stepped in. After seeing the press conference, she wrote to the Sentinal. She said that Beary was "in obvious distress" and that should be argument enough against the Tazers. She also stated that Beary looked so overweight and out of shape that she doubted he could catch a suspect without the aid of a Tazer.
Beary didn't like that. So he did what any responsible member of the police force would do. He looked up Gawronski's DMV records. And the he sent Gawronski a nasty letter accusing her multiple times of slander.
If that's not police intimidation, I don't know what is.
However, Orange County Shariffs Officials are saying that Beary did nothing illegal. They say that responding to Gawronski's concerns are part of his job.
But a gentle reminder of "We know where you are, so you better stay in line isn't.


I'm So Confused


Three Things That Need To Be Said More Often

"This seems like a potentally bad idea."
"Hey, where'd they get the Amish guy?"
"Can I put the bacon on, or would that be too loud?"