All My Friends Who Rock, Rock

So, as most of you who know me personally know, the past two weeks have been kinda interesting to say the least. You see, my wife and have decided to part ways. Its something thats been kind of creeping up for a while, but it just came to a head last weekend.
So, I'm gonna use this entry to thank everyone that I can think of that has helped my get through to this point with all my body parts intact.
De8 & Inge, and Brant, thanks for use of the couch and your home, and for letting me be your new wacky nieghbor, Conrad & Suzy, for helping me get some of my shit up here, my Mom & Tom, Matt Todd, Psichron for almost becoming Psi-Corn just now, Aaron and Robyn, Bill, Jill & Bugle, Tallon, C.S., Merrie, AZ & Lisa,and my coworkers, Rob, Ray, Kathy , Jeff And Paul, thanks for granting me some leeway these past weeks.
De8 said to me the other night that I've been a rock dealing with this. In all honesty, I haven't. It's been everyone on this list (and many more that I forgot that I'll be adding on as I remember them) that's been the rocks. And all of you do rock.

On the same topic, but different: In a way, honestly, I'm kind of breathing a sigh of relief. I'm realizing that the whole world is still in front of me. But, unfortunatly, I'm realizing at the same time that I'm agorophobic. It'll take some time, but I'll get over that.

Well, on to the next adventure...


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