Lot O' Space

So, now that I've moved in to my new place, and don't have all my stuff, my apartment is REALLY empty. I've now got a huge two bedroom place all to myself, but i have nothing to put in it. So I'm only using one room out of five. I figure I'll fill up the place as time goes on, but for now its empty. The cat loves it...he can tear around the place at will.
I do get to hold off and be pretty damn selective about who I let move in with me, though. Its a great feeling not to have to rush to find a roommate, and when you finally do, they turn out to be a psycho-bastard. I've already done that.

But I feel good. I'm calm. I think this should be fun. Just as soon as I get enough nerve to relax.



Blogger DeHuman8 said...

ah, the best year of you life and you know it!

8:16 AM  
Blogger Wally Fenderson said...

I had to read back what I wrote to figure out what you meant. Then I followed the link. I still could't figure it out. I'm kinda dumb today.

12:12 PM  
Blogger DeHuman8 said...

like many days...

12:40 PM  

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