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Its all the Hippies' fault.

There. I've said it.

But, really, think about it. What age group is in power right now? That would be the "Boomers". They who's formative years were right in the middle of the height of Hippie-dom. The Hippies. The ones who were supposed to bring down the system. Destroy the status quo. Rise up. Take over. Peace and love and fuck-all else.

Look where it got us.

forty years later, and we're a lot worse off. Yeah, the sixties had Viet Nam. And we have the Gulf War, Part II. But the level of jingoism surrounding the current skirmish has increased exponentially. You're either with us, or against us.

And again, lest you forget, The demographic with the most power right now is the Boomers. The Hippies. The ones who said "Down with the institutions: government, schools, business, church."

Guess what. This is God's Country, folks.

We're going to legislate morality, beliefs, make our education system as restrictive and creatively stifling as possible. Rights of the multinationals above its workers.

A full one-eighty.

I read a quote somewhere that basically said over the course of twenty years, a liberal will become a conservative without changing a single opinion. But this is overkill.

Its as if our parents, aunts, uncles, et al, decided at some point "Hey, everything we believed was wrong, and we better not let our kids make the same mistakes we did. But, damn, we sure had fun, didn't we?"

And they've ruined it for the next generation. Look around. What counter cultures do you see with any sort of societal, political, or moral impact? Think about it.

Take your time.

I'll wait.

The closest our generation has come to the Hippies is, arguably, the Ravers. But they discovered E. And lets face it: E isn't really conducive of intellectual debate. So, the ravers quickly became Hippies with glow-sticks and less fashion sense.

And now, any other potential subcultures are quickly marginalized, as the ex-hippies know the power they could wield if allowed to reach critical mass.

And the generation behind us is being numbed into submission. That may just be me getting old, but I'm not optimistic about an entire demographic that think that Eminem and Jackass are high art. Watching as those in power use the word "intellectual" as an insult. Being taught that what's on the standardized test is important, and critical thinking isn't. Don't think, just do.

If you think, the terrorists win.

I'd always been bugged by the idea of the hippie. I had no idea why, however. I wrote it off to not being there, being too young, and only being exposed to the neo-hippie (all the aesthetics of the original, none of the ideology). But it just hit me the other day: At this point, we should be living in the Hippie Utopia. If this is it, they were (and are) the biggest group of hypocrites in modern history. If not, shame on them for wasting all of that momentum, idealism, and optimism.

Either way, you've all fucked up.

Get out of the way.

Its our turn.


Blogger DeHuman8 said...

wow, yeah, i never put those 1+1 together, but it's true the hippies are the biggest bunch of hypocrites america has ever know, fuckheads.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Wally Fenderson said...

Wow, that was quick.
Yeah, I figure I'm gonna need asbestos underware for this one. (Maybe not with the people that read this, but we'll see.)
I think the only real public figure even remotly associated with the hippie culture that I respect is HST. And he was never really even a hippie. And, really, don;t get me started on neo-hippies. I know there are some younger "true" hippies, they're few and far between. Hippie:Neo-Hippie :: Conservitive:Neo-Con.

3:30 PM  

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