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The last new band I remember getting really excited about was the Fountains Of Wayne when they released their first album in, oh, 96 or 97. Oh, and the Sheila Divine in 98-99. But other than that, there hasn't really been a new band that has really caught my attention. I must just be getting old.

That being said, I haven't stopped listening to the new Doughty album, Haughty Melodic since my co-worker Rob burned it for me. Really fucking good. For those of you that I haven't extolled the virtues of M Doughty to, and don't know who he is, Doughty was the lead singer for the now-defunct Soul Coughing. When I heard him drone the line "He flicks an ash like a wild, loose coma" on SC's first album Ruby Vroom, I knew that I had found my first major influence in my own writing. (I would love to say that Douglas Adams has that honor. However, I cannot, for the life of me, write even basic dialog. Let alone what DA was able to do. It might be that I'm just not British.)
Enough tangent. The new Doughty album is a lot more sing-songy than anything he did with SC. Its his first solo album with a full backing band, and it does make the whole piece feel more Singer-Songwriter. A style that I usually avoid like the plague, with the possible exceptions of Michael Penn and Aimee Mann. But on this album, it just seems to work. And like his first solo album Skittish, I find more to like about it with every listen.
It might just be enough to get me excited about music again.

In a completely unrelated note, I may have a roommate here soon. I think I'll find out tomorrow. It'd be good. Save some money. Have some company.

And to quote Pete Abrhams, that's it. I'm going back to bed.


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when do i get to harrass you for failure to write?

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