Drunken Ramblings

So, I didn't do a full post yesterday. Commence mockings.

Fuck, I'm in for it now. You fuckers are relentless. Not so much here, but in "real life". Bunch of swine.

So, yes. I am a bit drunk. Looking around for other stuf to drink. But I know there's nothing here. Fuck, I barely have any food in the house. The damn cat has more to eat than I do.

Lucky for you I'm drunk. The best stuff comes out when you have a bit of the ol' "liquid courage" running through your system. A drunk man's off the cuff remark is the sober man's secret. Or something like that.

Horny as fuck. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I know there's noone here when I get home. Anti-Placibo effect. Knowing that you're down to one last smoke, but you don't want to get your ass out to get more. You want that last smoke that much more. I guess I'll have to settle for late night internet porn. God bless Al Gore for inventing the internet.


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