Keeping The Faith

Not too long ago, just as the whole divorce thing was happening, on of the advices I recieved was along the lines of "Its a lot easier if you have faith in Jesus". Now, I don't want to say at all that this person who said this to me hasn't been helpful to me in other ways, or that the whole "get saved" message was the bulk of her advice to me. It's just that I've never quite understood the "put your faith in Jesus" thing. Maybe its just the athiest in me. But even if I was religious, I'd think having faith in youself would be more importaint.

And the usuall responce to that? "Well, there are just some things that are to big for you to handle on your own."

And I guess that's true. But isn't that when your faith in your family and friends comes in?

I just can't see putting faith that a mostly unknown entity wil be able to help you out, when the people that know, like and respect you are right there. People that are able to actually help, whether that's giving you a place to crash, helping out financially when they can, or just listening to you ramble on, and sometimes giving you there input.

I guess also, that this goes against alot of the arguments that I've had with D8 about twelve-step groups. I have seen them work for people that are very close to me, and did attend many meatings growing up (Ah, if they could see me now). But, it is true that one of the steps that is required is admitting that there is a "higher-power". Almost saying that "It's not my fault, God handed me the bottle opener". I gues that boils down to, hey if it keeps you from drinking, more power to ya.

But, I am looking for help here. Anyone of the spiritual persuation care to give me some insight? Why does it seem that persons of faith seem to place more stock in faith in Jesus than in themselves, of their loved ones? How about the people that actually read this? Have you had similar questions/conversations?

Just so its clear: I'm not talking down to any one, I truly want to know. And No attempts at conversion, I know where my faith lies, and it's happy there.


Blogger Baron said...

This may piss people off but putting one's "faith" into an invisible all-poweful all-knowing all-whatever being is a cop out.

It is a way to shift responsibility from your own actions to something else.

It is a way to not be able to deal with the consequences of their own actions.

Which is why people can do horrific things and then "convert" and feel better about themselves.

Sorry, that was a bit harsh but that's how I feel.

And I can deal with the consequences. :)

11:36 AM  
Blogger Wally Fenderson said...

Hey, welcome back, baron.

Personally, I don't think it's as negitive as all that, but I do think that it is a way to shift blame.

Or a lack of confidence in yourself, to be able to overcome life's little, and big, challenges

11:48 AM  
Blogger DeHuman8 said...

hell, i think it's more reprehensible than baron put it. maybe the day to day consequences are not as dire, but the long term consequences of billions of people all dodging the moral consequences of their own actions is disgusting.

2:02 PM  

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