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That's what I need to learn how to do sometimes. Less in Real Life than in the anonymous wasteland that is the internet. Ya see, I have this irrational need, it seems, to mock people for certain trivial things. Especially things they may own. SUVs are a great example of this. If I know someone (or sometimes, even if I don't) who buys an SUV, just as a commuter vehicle, I will berate them. "Why?", I ask, "why would you spend twice as much on an SUV as you would on a comparably equipped sedan, and then pay twice as much to fill the fucker up twice as often? Are you going off road? Are you hauling shit? No? Then you have no fucking need for something that big."

I like to think that the SUV mocking is me caring a little bit about the environment, rising price of gas, other people's safety.

But no. I just hate the fucking things.

Sometimes, or more often than not, my object of ire is so trivial, so pointless, that I come across more of a raving lunatic. "Why do you care about THAT?" people say. "Why do you give a rat's ass about anything having to do with that?"

And I have to answer, in all honesty, I don't know.

And where the hell is this all coming from, you ask?

The iPod.

Yep. That little playing-card-deck size lump of plastic and silicon. I see one, hear someone talk about one, and I immediately must insert my foot into my mouth. Like I did here.

But I can't help it. I hate them. Not that I have anything against mp3 players in general. In fact I do own one. I purchased a Creative Labs Zen Touch at the end of last year. I love it. Don't know how I managed without it. And it makes me even more pissed about the iPod.

So, because this is my space, here are my arguments against the iPod. It really breaks down to two things:

My Zen ran me about two and a quarter on Amazon. No granted, it was on sale, and they usually run about two-fifty. An Ipod (from here on out I will not use aPple's stupid capitalization) with the same size hard drive is (or was at the time) about three hundred. Hmmm...

If you buy an Ipod, you're locked into Itunes. Both as a vender (if you purchase music legally) and as the software to run it. With my Zen, I can choose from many, MANY vendors, and almost as many pieces of software to manage my music. And most of the places that I can go to have less DRM restrictions than Itunes.

Now, here's the kicker. Those two issues feed into each other. It's the snake eating its own tail. And Apple has been doing this for a long time with their computers, too. If you want to run the MacOS, you have to buy a Mac. And they set the price. If you want to run Windows, you have probably thousands of different places to go to, many different brands of PCs, or you can build your own. And the competition keeps the price down. On the other side of the coin, if you want to buy a Mac, you have to run MacOS, or fuck around with it to get another OS on there. If I decide tomorrow that I want to run, say, Linux on my PC, I just reformat my drive, and install Linux. Done. So you may say "Well, PCs suck cuz Windows sucks, and Bill Gates is evil", but remember, I'm running Windows by choice.

Even better than all that, lets say I want a new video card. I can walk into Best Buy, point to a card, and say, "I'll have that one." Done. I don't have to check if it's "Windows compatible" (Unless it's made by Apple). Then I install it. Yes, yes, with a Mac, when you plug something in it just works.

As long as its Mac compatible. If it's not, then it just doesn't work.

Well, this was meant to be an apology for those I may have miffed by my unthought out comment. But its not. I will apologize to Psichron for starting a mini-flame war on his blog. But not my hatred for the Ipod.


Blogger Anarchy Zen said...

You make a very good point about the windows flexibility and I'm with you 100% except for the windows thing.

It's not really the hardware that's the problem, although there seems to be a huge range of quality out there. (More choices of course)

It's the windows operating system that is the problem. It's the bottle neck that you say Apple is. And even though Apple is obviously a closed system of integration at least it's made to work together.

I know Linux is a choice for Windows and that is a good first step, but programs that run on windows and therefore PC's seem substandard to me because of the windows software they must run on. The button tend to be clunky and their just seems to many limitations and difficulties.

I use both Windows and Macs and I'm good at both, but I can only afford one system right now for home and that's a Mac for reasons such as creativeity and control and iTunes frankly. So if I'm going to get a portable player I will need to get an iPod.

I do wish I had other choices that would work with my desktop iTunes.

I like choices, but also like things to work right.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Wally Fenderson said...

To flog the dead horse, don't use Windows. If you're running Linux, you're not running windows. And yeah, Windows doesn't let you tweek everything, but it does let you tweek more than MacOS. And If you want flexibilty ad far as the OS goes, Linux is the definate answer. Don't like howsomething works? Re-Write the code.
As far as the "Buttons tend to be clunky", do you mean "MacOS is more visually appealing"?

I will always say that if you're doing extensive graphic, video, or sound manipulation, Mac's are the way to go. If you're doing some But its not your primary use, than Windows may be the way to go, simply because of compatibility issues.

And some one did correct me, you can install linux on a mac, but why? Why wuld you spend more on the hardware for the same system?

AZ, I guess we'll agree to disagree.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Baron said...

Apology accepted Captain Neda.

*crushing sound*

11:31 AM  

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