So, I mentioned that I went to see VNV Nation in Boston on Sunday. I did want to say a few words about that, and like I said, these words needed their own space. I'm not gonna give an overview, because you can read many thoughts about the show on many of the blogs I've linked to, or those blogs link to.

I'm gonna be cheesy and say that I had a bit more of an altering experience at the show.

Now, when I decided to go to the show, I really didn't know anything about the band. I had heard some of their stuff, and honestly, it made so little of an impression that I couldn't pick any of it out of a line up. Second, I, for the most part, hate electronic music. My taste in music tends to run more in the R.E.M. vain. (Also, a lot of Britpop/shoegazer type stuff, but you get the idea.) I figure I'd go, be social, get the fuck out of Portland, look at some cute goth girls, etc, etc...

When we actually got to the show, yup, there were the goth girls...part one down. The the opening act came on. It was indeed everything I hate about electronic music. One guy, standing on stage, jumping around like a moron, playing with a computer and a mixing board. The only other time I saw an act like that, it was Aphex Twin, and I walked out of the show. Yeah, he was good at what he did, but it was boring as fuck to watch, or even listen to. Dear god, some one please tell me I'm not in for three hours of this.

Thankfully, that guy got off stage pretty quickly, and the second band, imperative Reaction (?) started. Yeah, they were all electronic, but the played as a band, with the electronic kit set up. And they sounded good. O.K. I can deal with this. And there are still girls around...

Then VNV started. And about three songs into their set, I realized that A, I found a new (to me) band exciting and enjoyable and b, I was where I needed to be, at that exact moment, and in life in general. And this huge grin crept across my face. And I was truly happy, right then and there.

I know I keep bludgeoning the deceased equine, my life took a huge one-eighty two months ago, and I did hit a low. And I could have kept going down. And I almost did. But where I am is where I need to be. And now I close the book on that subject, but leave a bookmark there, because the experience is now indelibly part of who I am, and will shape a lot of me from here on out, and I can't entirely ignore it.

And, if anybody in the VNV Nation camp happens upon this blog, thank you. You got me excited about music for the first time in about five years. That means a lot to me.


Blogger Baron said...

No problem! :)

You owe me a Boston creme donut.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Wally Fenderson said...

Oh, Yeah, and thank to Baron for bringing me down to the show.

Allthough my presence should have been thanks enough.

The bastard.

2:42 PM  
Blogger Wally Fenderson said...

And I'll get you that donut.

2:42 PM  

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