I noticed that I haven't posted in a while. And I should have. There's been a fair amount of things that have happened over the past two weekends that are fairly noteworthy (at least to me. Your mileage may vary).
Paradoxically, these things have either left me no time, too drained, or both, to do any sort of meaningful post. So here I go now. Quick one before bed:

Last Friday, ended up at Amigo's. Don't know why, really. Just no one else was around that wanted to go drinking, and had no money to leave Portland. Oh well. I did happen to run into my ex-wife, which I was kinda at the time not wanting to. Not that I am trying to avoid, but it just threw my balance off a little.
So, had my customary two beers, and wandered off down Wharf St. Figured there are lots of bars in Portland that I never go into, and it was high time I reminded myself why. And it just so happened that as I reached the top of the street, an ex-girlfriend of mine was standing there, waiting to go into the Penguin, or Iguana, or one of those places. (Just realizing now that Wharf St. may be the only place an Iguana and a Penguin can exist just a few doors down from each other. Huh.) So I end up bar hopping with her, ran into a girl she knew from high school, and I knew from Zootz (yup) and more barhopping ensued. Got very shitty, embarrassed myself to some extent (Really don't know how badly, not that I blacked out. Just that all my behavior seemed reasonable at the time.) Met the ex-gf's new boyfriend (shucks). Thrown in a car, and taken home. Ran past roommate, puked and passed out.

Good Times.

Saturday was the Carnivore Party. Good time had by all. Record turn out from what I understand. Won't go into too much detail here, cause if you're reading this, you probably were there, and if you weren't, try to do better next time. That, and nothing to eventful happened directly to me, so there. (Although, I am pissed that I missed the body shots. I always leave just before the real fun happens.)

Sunday was the Old Port Festival. Again no big deal, nothing eventful, just much gluttony. Then Kris, Dan and I want to the Old Country Buffet. If there was a Palace of American Excess, OCB would be it. (I think over the course of the weekend, I ate twice my body weight.)

Monday, of course was spooky night. At this point, I'm now feeling everything that's happened over the past, well, four days. But, being the social creature that I am, I can't stay away from the potential mass gathering. I did manage to find my ba...um, nerve, and actually talked to the girl I may or may not have referred to in an earlier post. I'll just say, it was encouraging. Yup.

Fast Forward...
Thursday, I got divorced. Officially. Done and over. Again, I've said it before, here and in Real Life(tm), it's good. It needed to happen. But, wow. What a way to start a Thursday.

So, now to this past weekend.

Saturday was the usual suspects. More drinking. And Denny's! I had not been to Denny's in about four years. I had no idea the wonders of the Mini-Burger. Thanks, Chase for introducing me to that culinary marvel. (Of course, I was drunk, so, I may have remember them being better then they actually are. Most things are like that.)

Sunday. Finally got out of Portland, at least for a few hours. Went to Boston to see VNV Nation. I'll write about that later, as that needs a separate post. I'll just say, though, wow. That was exactly what I needed.

Sorry for the long rambling recap. Especially cause, like I said earlier, if you're reading this, you probably know all this all ready. But, this is for me, not you, so deal. (Wow, hostile all of a sudden.)



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fuck you, nerd boy.

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Bun-Bun? Is that you?

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