I'm Trying. I Really Am.

OK, so maybe I'm not. I do have an excuse this time.

My computer is in pieces.

Or a piece. One big non-working piece.

I ordered a new machine online a few weeks ago, figured I'd use the Harddrives and optical drives from my old system. New Athalon 2900+, a gig of RAM, new case. Its dead sexy.

It just won't turn on.

So, I'm waiting for a new mother board, and UPS is taking their sweet time delivering it. Apparently, its been en route from Chalmsford, MA, for about 72 hours.

I think they're shipping by donkey.

Oh well.

So, here's the good news (I figure six months into this, I should have some good news). It looks like I'll be going on a date in the next few days.

Four years is a long time not to have been on a date, so I think I'll be a little out of practice. I forgot even the basic part. I forgot how to call a girl.

Again, I hadn't done that in four years, so, I forgot what to do. But I pushed through, over came adversity, or not, and ended up with a date some time in the next few days.

OK, so I guess, that's more like a plan for a date. Hmmm...Sounds less exciting that way.

And then there's the poker. I've been really enjoying the regular Friday night games I've been playing, but I'm really looking forward to a trip to Foxwoods with D8 and Dave in a few weeks, to see how people really play poker.

No offence to any one who reads this and plays in the Friday games. I just think It'll be weird to actually see people raise substantially before the flop. See how good my nerves really are, calling a bet that's a good chunk of my stack, knowing only that I have king-ten off-suit. Or raising triple the blind with JTs.

So, I think just between those two events, I should have plenty to write about over the next few weeks. So I will, as long as my damn motherboard gets here before I have to upgrade my system again.