No New Tale To Tell

So, what, another two weeks between posts? Awesome. Slacking in ways I never thought possible.

The good news is that I don't have to be anywhere until 8 am, a week from today. Ahhh...vacation.

Also, as of today, I have avoided death for twenty-nine years.

Yup. It's my birthday. Its also Ray Bradbury's, Norman Schwarzkopf's, Carl Yastremski's, Bill Parcells', Cindy Williams' (Shirley, From Lavern And Shirley), Vernon Reed's, Roland Orzabal's (from the band Tears For Fears), and Tori Amos'.

It also happens to be C.S.'s b'day as well. So happy birthday, Sparky.

So, In summation, if you see me out this week, there's about an 85-90 percent chance that I will be drunk.

Ah, alcohol, the cause of and solution to all my problems.


Blogger Anarchy Zen said...

Nice that you've got an infinite loop with the alcohol thing there.

9:11 AM  

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