Sick Of Myself

Ah, crap. No post in a long time. Again.

I guess I just suck.

So, here's the deal: I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing (writing, if you haven't figured that out yet). But so far, I've only been mocked twice. Ah, well, such is life.

So, anyhow, most of you know this story already, but here it is again.

A few Saturdays ago, I ran into a girl that I dated very briefly in high school. She decided to break up with me by ditching me at the Elvis Room (dating myself a bit there, I know).

Well, we went out for a movie the following week, and a drink after. Sat down at the bar, and just happened to pick the seats right next to another ex girlfriend of mine, who I'm still very attracted to. Amazing.

I did manage to ignore any awkwardness this may have caused, by doing the best thing possible, in my eyes: completely ignored it.

So anyhow, a week later, the first girl calls me, and we decide to meet at the Better Then Ezra show that night on Monument Square. About fifteen minutes into the show, she says, "Hey, I've got to go find a restroom, I'll be right back". An then proceeds to not show back up.

So, before it dawns on me that I've been ditched, I'm wandering around looking for her. That's when the highlight of the evening occurs.

Ya ready:

A fucking bird shits on my head.


Now, I really wasn't expecting, really, anything to happen with this girl. I was looking at it as sort of "practice dating". I now realize that I need a hell of a lot more practice.

I also didn't manage to go to Foxwoods this weekend to play poker, as the Maine DMV seems to be caught in some sort of temporal anomaly. No new state ID, not chancing bussing to Connetcutt only to be told that I can't play.

Ah well.

Sorry that the first time I've posted in two weeks (three?) is just me whining, but hey, why the hell else do blogs exist?

A few good things:

I do get to go down to Fenway this season, something I haven't done since the third grade. And my computer is up and running. And like I said before, It rocks. It's great having firefox, and word open at the same time and not having everything slow to a crawl.

And I have tomorrow of, so I get to go out to spooky night, and not have to worry about the effects tomorrow.

And I have to bags of my mom's spaghetti sauce in my fridge, defrosting as we speak. That almost always makes everything better.


Blogger Anarchy Zen said...

That's rough, but you seem tough.

I think you might be attracted to the wrong type of women, OR, more likely, the wrong type of woman is, initially, attracted to you.

You are usually so calm and collected and seemingly low risk and predictable. I recommend taking on a manic, heoric and at the same time tragic demeanor with plenty of changeups and uncertainties thrown in.

Then the women you are interested in will flock to you and you'll have to get them all out of your hair.

8:52 AM  

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