Adventures In ADD

So, its been a month since my last post, so just a quick summary:

Serenity: Saw it Sunday, after watching all of Firefly in less then a week. Good stuff. I actually now feel a bit of sadnessm, which will be one of the things that I'll expand on later.

Red Sox: In the playoffs, first game against the ChiSox tonight. Pizza and beer and the game for anyone interested. The end of the season should not have been this close. The Yankees should not be in the playoffs. But hopefully that'll be all of the choking the Sox will do for the rest of the month.

Wireless network: Set up, after swallowing my pride and calling Belkin tech support. Which was actually really good, despite the fact that it was all automated. But, now, I can post updayes while entrenched in the living room, watching the play-offs. So, I got that going for me.

All Else: Eh.

Other than that, expect a rather distracted post later on tonight.


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