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Remember me ranting about that guy Jack Thompson? The guy bent on saving the world from the evils of pixlated people having sex? Well, he's got a new gimmick. He wants to donate $10,000 to charity if anyone will develop his video game idea. His idea, shockingly enough, is copious amounts of violence directed at people in the video game industry.

Here's my proposal to any video game exec out there that might happen to stumble across this blog: Do it. Make some crappy 8 bit shareware rendering of his game, and make Thompson eat his words and keep his end of the bargain.

In short, someone shut him up.

Other than that, Penny Arcade is starting the Child's Play Drive. They raise money to buy video games for children's wings of hospitals. One of my favorite ideas for a charity, and I really want to something for them this year. I'll be at least hitting the Amazon.com list, but if anyone wants to get together and do something bigger, let me know.


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