So, I found this on Fark the other day.

So, this is at we've degraded to. This is what now passes for civilized discourse and debate. We've resorted to calling each other ugly.

The extremes have pulled everyone to the far left and far right. There is no middle any more. The left is picking on Bush for a shirt that doesn't look quite right (while there are plenty of perfectly good reasons to make fun of Bush). The right calls Michael Moore fat (See above).

If you're a Democrat, then you're an arrogant Godless commie bent on killing fetus'. If you're a Republican, then you're an ignorant religious zealot out of touch with the rest of society.

We're now living in a country where being "intellectual" is a bad thing. Where people are trying to force schools to teach faith in science class.

Where we're so concerned about people's feelings, that we punish a Little league team for being better than the rest of the teams in the area. But parents are punishing there 7-year-old kids for dropping a flyball.

We are so divided on every level that we can't have a debate with our families around the dinner table without it breaking out into an all out fight. Politians that may disagree with the president are too afraid to speak out, for fear of being labeled unpatriotic traitors. We've turned personal crisis and national tradgedy into methods of political gain.

The six o'clock news into entertainment, a verbal WWF.

We've separated, polarized, and let the fringe from both sides take over. We've forgotten that there is a middle ground and most people live there.

In short, we've fucked up


Blogger Baron said...

Do you wonder why the fearmongers remain in power then?

7:56 AM  
Blogger DeHuman8 said...

those sound like fucking hippie 'can't we all get along bullcrap to me!!!

4:12 PM  
Blogger Wally Fenderson said...

Its less of a "can't we all get along" thing and more of "fight for whats important, and do it intellegenty" thing. I saw a bumper sticker that said "Doing my part to piss off the heathen left", and it just pissed me off (so I guess it worked). I know its a respoce to the "...piss off the religous right" sticker, but most people that have thos stickers realize that not every right winger is overly religous, and vice versa. The "Heathen Left" sticker just seemed to lump all left wingers as heathens. Thats my point. Our attacks have gotten too general, and almost rightly so. We've all become charactitures of what ever side of the debate we're on.

7:22 PM  
Blogger stiner_net said...

Why are you offended at being called a heathen, or just because you are heathen doesn't mean you are left?

I'm a proud left/right heathen. :D

2:38 PM  

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