Gabe & Tycho & Jack

First, the good:

I added a link to the Child's Play web site. I mentioned this in a post several weeks ago. Child's Play started as Gabe & Tycho's (from Penny Arcade) response to the negative press that gamer's tend to get. The general idea is to buy toys and games for pediatric wards. If you go to the site, you'll see a map of participating hospitals, and each hospital has its own Amazon.com wish list. Again, I'm planning on at least doing something on my own, but I'd really like to see about getting a group together, and doing something fairly substantial. Let me know in the comments if you'd like to join, or have an idea, or anything (maybe talking to one of the clubs in the area and doing a special night or something? Just one thought.)

Second, the funny:

Remember Jack Thompson? Well, it seems that he's recused himself from the Strickland v Sony GTA case. Basically, the Stricklands are suing Sony because their son shot up a police station, killing an officer and a dispatcher. They say their son learned how to do this by playing Grand Theft Auto.
Also, at the same time, Thompson may lose his practicing privileges in Alabama, for possible ethics violations. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean he'll be disbarred, as his license to practice originates out of Florida, but it could be the first step.
There's more here at IGN. Poorly written article, but more info.



A little pet peeve of mine:

If you're introduced to someone, use the name that they introduced themselves with. Don't use a frigging nick-name, unless they tell you to!

Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest.


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