Yup. No post for a while again. I've really gotta stop doing that.

Just mostly the fact that there's nothing that I want to write about. Which really isn't a good excuse. I should be writing more. The blog really hasn't forced me to do that. And I still haven't done any creative writing at all. Hmmmm...maybe it was the drugs that kept me writing.

I'm also realizing that I'm getting to how I was before marriage. Craving social interaction. I get so bored on Mondays now, as there's NOTHING going on. Just reruns of Law & Order. That would have done a year ago, not so much now, though. Dammit, there's enough people that I know IRL that must be bored on Mondays. Let's take over bar somewhere. Or something.

On the up side, I did start pricing out vacations in Vegas in March. A mere two grand gets me a week at the Belagio, with airfare. The Belagio would be nice, but maybe outside my price range. Maybe the Luxor? Anyone that's been to Vegas that knows the hotel, any help?

I should also be able to take a class next semester, try to do the whole school thing again. Last class I took was Intro to Sociology. Boring as hell, and at 9am on Saturdays. Needless to say, I dropped it pretty quick. I'm hoping that a computer science class will hold my interest a little it more, and it;s in the evening, so I shoud be a little more awake when I go.

I guess I should start working again. And trying to figure out what to do to keep myself occupied. Else, it's L&O again tonight.



Blogger stiner_net said...

YEAH! Let's take over a bar! I've been twiddling my thumbs the past couple of Monday evenings.

Oh, I know someone who knows Vegas, where to go, and what to do.

10:19 AM  

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